176. The story of the car detailer

A while back, I had my car detailed at a new shop around the corner. 

When I called to book, the new business owner asked how dirty it was. 

I said it was decent but it had some dog fur in parts of the back seat.

He grumbled and told me (reluctantly) to come in. 

They were closed a few months later.

In this episode, I get into a few lessons we can all learn, including the importance of:
  • Doing work that you're intrinsically motivated by
  • For people you enjoy working with
  • At prices that excite you to bring your best
  • So you can build a sustainable business
  • Which allows you to become great at what you do
  • Which becomes a continued flywheel for your business
Give this a listen if it feels timely for you.


176. The story of the car detailer
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