184. "In order to do this right..."

It can be nerve-wracking to propose a project that is more expensive or takes longer than a client is asking for.

Our first instinct might be to charge the bare minimum to get the job done. Or to promise the most ideal timelines—assuming nothing will go wrong—to win the deal and avoid pushback and rejection.

But we know that's not realistic. Something always comes up.

The problem is, while you think you're giving the client what they want, you're actually undercutting both you and them.

You're reducing the likelihood of achieving the very thing they're hiring you to do, which is to get a business result.

In this episode, I talk about one magical phrase that gives you and your clients more confidence to do work that may be more expensive or take longer than they hoped for.

And why it's the best thing for them—and you—to take this approach more often than not.

184. "In order to do this right..."
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