195. Selling confidence

Do you ever stop to wonder what it is we are really selling as consultants?

Are we selling a website, strategy, or brand identity? Yes... and no. Those are features of our work. And people don't really buy features.

Maybe we are selling new customer growth? Better retention? Ease of use? Those are all great benefits of our work. But let's dig a little deeper.

What is the
emotion behind those benefits? What feeling are we really creating with our work?

People buy based on how they feel about the purchase. It aligns with logic, yes. But it's driven by emotion. So it makes sense to explore that emotion people are really seeking inside of what we sell.

I believe most consultants are selling confidence. Give this a listen to see what I mean.

Get this right and it will be a lot easier to create and sell the true benefits of your work.

195. Selling confidence
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