198. Lowering the barrier for email

What if the way to get your emails read and subscribers to stay subscribed was to lower the bar a little?

Not in terms of quality, necessarily. But in terms of format or type.

Instead of trying to write a grand theory of mathematics every time you publish, what if we treated email more like social media?

What if we aimed for a simple, concise, interesting, and/or fun piece of content?

Something light and consumable. Not overthought. Not pre-judged. Just something you found interesting or valuable.

Would you be able to be consistent with your publishing habits? Would your readers prefer it? Would it keep you interested?
I think yes. But there's nuance, as with all things.

So give this a listen. See if it resonates with your headspace.

See if it helps you overcome that mental block stopping you from sharing your ideas with your subscribers.

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198. Lowering the barrier for email
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